Mayor Kelly Yaede

Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede

Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede

Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede was sworn into office on November 30, 2012, as the first-female Mayor of our township. Subsequently, during a special election in November of 2013, she was overwhelmingly elected to the office of Mayor.

Mayor Yaede also serves as the Township’s Public Safety Director, overseeing the health, safety and general welfare of Hamilton’s nearly 90,000 residents. She is a spokesperson for the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter and an advocate for the residents, taxpayers and businesses of our community. Under her leadership, Mayor Yaede has prioritized open and accessible government by implementing an open-door policy for residents, enhancing the Township’s use of social media and outreach to better communicate with our community and by enacting the toughest ethics laws in Hamilton’s history.

During her tenure, Mayor Yaede has also worked to reduce government spending, enact a municipal budget with no tax increase and achieve a credit upgrade of the Township’s finances.

Mayor Yaede efforts in the area of economic development have led to several new businesses opening across our community, as well as the start of several, prominent revitalization projects that will reinvigorate historically underutilized sites.

Most notable has been Mayor Yaede’s leadership during several health-related and emergency situations that impacted our community during her term of service. During these crises, Mayor Yaede led local response efforts along with Township’s Division of Health and Office of Emergency Management by immediately assessing and addressing each situation, implementing the necessary corrective actions and the quickly communicating information to residents.

Mayor Yaede is a lifetime Hamilton Township resident, who is a graduate of Nottingham High School and Stockton State College.

Prior to becoming Mayor, Ms. Yaede served several terms as a member of the Hamilton Township Council, where she served as both Council President and Vice-President. She also previously served on the Hamilton Township Board of Education, during which time she aggressively advocated for, and successfully achieved, a new State educational funding formula that benefitted the Hamilton Public School District with additional funds.

Mayor Yaede’s career in public service includes work in both the State Executive and Legislative branches of government. Her private sector career includes working as the Senior Director of Corporate Relations of the American Cancer Society and as Vice President of Community Relations for Roma Bank. During that time, Mayor Yaede also served as the Co-Chair of the Hamilton Chapter of the Mid Jersey Chamber of Commerce.


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